Higher Education Empowering Development  
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Schools of Public Health and their Role in Development  

The Gospel as Holistic Mission: The Challenges of Contextualizing Relief and Development 

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External Productivity of the Off- Campus Master of
Business Administration Program of the Philippines
Christian University Dasmarinas Campus

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The Role of Academia in the Economic
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Student Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Student
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The Leader's Tool Kit
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School Leadership that Works: From Research to Results
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Reviewed by Dave D.Higgins

Acquired or Inspired? Exploring the Origins of the
Adventist Lifestyle
McMahon, Don S.
Reviewed by Timothy Scott


Schools of Public Health and their Role in Development

Abstract: Schools of public health have an important role in leadership for their local community, but also for the broader society.  They should train health workers, influence public policy, and do research, as well as collaborating with health workers in other places for both learning and teaching purposes.

Mataya, Ronald

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