New Beginnings
Foster, Henry L


Gifted Adolescents and the
"Balanced Family" Concept

Taylor, John Wesley V

Putting the "Team" in Teamwork
Libato, Adelino T

Performance Appraisal Instrument
for a Church Pastor

Dimpudus, Antje B & Amponsah, David K

The Culture of Education
J. Bruner
Reviewed by David Birkenstock

The Balanced Scorecard
R. S. Kaplan and D. P. Norton
Reviewed by Ann Gibson

The Reformation of the Bible:
The Bible of the Reformation
J. Pelikan
Reviewed by Zdravko Stefanovic

New Beginnings

      Like all new beginnings, we start with no history to speak of even though the present quickly vanishes into the past. And so with new beginnings, we adjust our sight on the future.

     The idea of a scholarly journal was initially conceived in the minds of the Editorial Committee of the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies (AIIAS). After a long gestation period and difficult labor, we have experienced the birth of the International Forum (INFO). Even though we have no track record to use as an internal benchmark but like any new parent, we have high expectations for our new edition.

      We live in a global village which has an effect on the way we live, work, and think. The East and the West are no longer so far apart. Communication technologies have brought us together and made the world, as it were, a smaller dwelling place. Information is generated and dispensed so rapidly it hardly has a shelf life anymore. INFO was created primarily to provide a vehicle for AIIAS teachers and students to add to this ever expanding knowledge base. In addition, INFO also serves as a means for other scholars to disseminate relevant research that will be meaningful to our readership.

      INFO is an interdisciplinary journal whose focus is the quest for truth. In this Post-Modern era in which we live, detached objectivity promising value-free information is the rule of the day. Arthur Holmes in his book The Idea of a Christian College observes that while facts are value-neutral, the language that communicates this information is value-laden. The editorial staff do not make a pretense of value-neutrality. The perspective represented in the articles presented in this journal unapologetically, have a Christian bias even if there is no overt reference.

      INFO is sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies at AIIAS. True to its name, AIIAS, is unquestionably international. The feature articles in this edition, therefore, have an international flavor as result of our rich multi-cultural blend of teachers and students. Taylor, whose article entitled Gifted Adolescents and the "Balanced Family" Concept, is a US citizen and has lived in several Caribbean countries and has also taught in Mexico. Libato, who wrote Putting the "Team" in Teamwork, comes to us from the Philippines. He was born in Cebu and has also lived and taught in Mindanao. Performance Appraisal Instrument for a Church Pastor represents the combined efforts of teacher and student. Dimpudus is from Manado, Indonesia and Amposah is a former teacher at AIIAS who hails from Ghana on the continent of Africa.

       INFO represents a new beginning for us at AIIAS. We trust it will be of value to you for the present and the future.


Henry L. Foster, PhD
International Forum
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang, Cavite , Philippines