Vyhmeister, Shawna


Course Outlines and Assessment in Higher Education: An Analysis of AIIAS Course Description Contents 2001-2004 
Perry, Graeme H.

Perception of Faculty Participation in Academy
Governance in the Central Luzon Conference, Philippines 

Bairegee, Robert B. and Gaikwad, Samuel M.

The Performance of Trilogy Functions of Higher
Education of Selected NOCEI-member HEIs in the CALABARZON Provinces  

Nasution, Eric Y.

Writing with Integrity 
Vyhmeister, Shawna L.

Analysis of Some Influences on Literacy as Observed by Facilitators of Literary in Cambodia
Scott, Timothy


Asian Universities: HIstorical Perspective and
Contemporary Challenges

Altbach,P. & Umakoshi, T.
Reviewed by Frederick R. Oberholster

TPublic Health: Power, Empowerment and Professional Practice by Glenn Laverack
Laverack, G.
Reviewed by Gina S. Siapco

The Engaging Leader: Wining with Today's
Free Agent Workforce
DGubman, ED. 
Reviewed by Ryan Rey Ybanez


Course Outlines and Assessment in Higher Education: An Analysis of AIIAS Course Description Contents 2001-2004

Abstract:  Clear documentation of goals, content, outcomes and associated assessment procedures has become a critical part of higher education policy and practice. An analysis of the course outlines provided by the faculty of one institution over the period from 2001 to 2004 provides critical insight into the information offered to orient students within their course. Further, this analysis allows comparisons with practice within and across institutions. Discussion draws on the literature of assessment that invites “constructive alignment” of instruction, learning, and assessment, as well as incorporating alternative forms of assessment in courses. An assessment experience instrument is offered to assist research data collection. As institutions compete for students, institutions have the opportunity to intentionally differentiate themselves in terms of student satisfaction with course experiences, and particularly in the area of assessment.

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Perry, Graeme H.


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