Vyhmeister, Shawna


Course Outlines and Assessment in Higher Education: An Analysis of AIIAS Course Description Contents 2001-2004 
Perry, Graeme H.

Perception of Faculty Participation in Academy
Governance in the Central Luzon Conference, Philippines 

Bairegee, Robert B. and Gaikwad, Samuel M.

The Performance of Trilogy Functions of Higher
Education of Selected NOCEI-member HEIs in the CALABARZON Provinces  

Nasution, Eric Y.

Writing with Integrity 
Vyhmeister, Shawna L.

Analysis of Some Influences on Literacy as Observed by Facilitators of Literary in Cambodia
Scott, Timothy


Asian Universities: HIstorical Perspective and
Contemporary Challenges

Altbach,P. & Umakoshi, T.
Reviewed by Frederick R. Oberholster

TPublic Health: Power, Empowerment and Professional Practice by Glenn Laverack
Laverack, G.
Reviewed by Gina S. Siapco

The Engaging Leader: Wining with Today's
Free Agent Workforce
DGubman, ED. 
Reviewed by Ryan Rey Ybanez


The Performance of Trilogy Functions of Higher Education of Selected NOCEI-member HEIs in the CALABARZON Provinces

Abstract:  Often the three functions of the trilogy of higher education, which consist of teaching, research and community service, are not assigned equal merit.  The priority for performance is only given to teaching, and to a certain extent to research efforts, and community service is not given importance at all.  Of a total fifteen NOCEI-member HEIs in the CALABARZON region, the researcher was able to get the responses of nine NOCEI faculty representatives (3 females and 6 males) who are doctoral degree holder and most of whom are full professors, with ages ranging from 40 years and above, and who have worked in the academic field for more than 11 years.  The results basically confirmed that trilogy functions of higher education were not simultaneously performed in their institutions. This was supported by the findings that teaching, research and community service did not seem to correlate with each other.  In addition there were significant differences in the perceptions of how teaching, research and community service were performed when grouped by the number of graduate students or province in CALABARZON.

Nasution, Eric Y.


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