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Required Competencies for the Academic Deans: Basis for a Competency-Based Performance Appraisal

Abstract: This study determined the competencies and level of competencies required of the academic deans along the technical, personal and managerial areas as perceived by school heads, superior of deans, and deans themselves in order to construct a model of competencies for the academic deans and design of a competency-based performance appraisal for the academic deans of the University of Perpetual Help System. The descriptive research method and the modified Delphi technique consisting of three rounds including a focused group discussion was used. Two types of instruments were utilized in gathering data from 70 respondents. Frequency and percentages were employed in describing the profiles of respondents. Pearson’s r was used in establishing reliability of instrument, weighted mean in determining the type, the levels of competencies and the degree of agreement among the respondents. The One-way ANOVA test was used in computing the differences in the perception of the respondents. The majority of the respondents were middle-aged, female, educationally qualified and have stayed in their present position for five years or less. Fifty one competencies along the technical, personal, and managerial areas were found.

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SIlva.B'Julah Q.



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