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Print ISSN : 0119-2000   Online ISSN : 2350-7497 


Editor:  Dr. Safary Wa-Mbaleka        

Internal Reviewers:
Dr. Adam Kiš, Dr. Ayuka Oendo, Dr. Arceli Rosario, Dr. Prema Gaikwad, Dr. Sunia Fukofuka
Assistant to the Editor: Cathy Sarco-Celis 
Graphic Designer: Mrs. Mirriam A. Carlos-Pamula
Web Designer: Mr. Raimond Luntungan & Mr. Marcus Zaua

External Reviewers:

Business: Dr. Alister Hunt (USA), Dr. Bob Krone (USA), Dr. Ismael Garcia (Dominican Republic), Dr. José Goris (USA), Dr. Pak Thong Lee (Thailand), Dr. Ronny Kountur (Indonesia), Dr. Paluku Kazimoto (Uganda). 

Dr. Alla Kourova (USA), Dr. Baiyun Chen (USA), Dr. Bien Nebres (Thailand), Dr. Bornes Saturne, Dr. Carianne Bernadowki (USA), Dr. Denise Dunzweiler (USA), Dr. Grenevieve Boucaud (Trinidad & Tobago), Dr. Ian Abordo (Philippines), Dr. Issumael Nzamutuma (USA), Dr. Jose Dial (Philippines), Dr. Joseph Masinda (Cameroon), Dr. Julian Melgosa (USA), Dr. Lazarus Ndiku Makewa (Kenya), Dr. Lynn Marklin (USA), Dr. Nadine Joseph (USA), Dr. Nancy Vyhmeister (USA), Dr. Shawna Vyhmeister (Kenya), Dr. Sheralee Thomas (USA), Dr. Stephen Joseph (Trinidad & Tobago)..

Public Health:
Dr. Aja Goodwin (Nigeria), Dr. Moses Kayongo (Uganda), Dr. Thaddee Katembo Kambere (Democratic Republic of Congo), with plans to expand this list


Subscription Information

International Forum is available online at internationalforum.aiias.edu. Subscription is free. If you wish to receive the twice-yearly announcements of the publication of the International Forum journal, simply send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with “subscribe” in the subject line. 


About the cover: The interlocking squares, representing the mental, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of life, also illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of this journal. The palm fronds and the alpha and omega are the traditional AIIAS logo, to which are added the blue ocean waves which surround the Philippines. Cover design by Mirriam A. Carlos-Pamula.

The International Forum is a peer-reviewed journal published electronically

twice yearly by the Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

(AIIAS) Graduate School. It deals with academic themes of interest to an

interdisciplinary, international readership. The purpose of International Forum

is to provide scholars and interested professionals with a forum for

disseminating original research focusing on the needs of the Asia-Pacific region.

The journal focuses on current themes related to Business, Education, and

Health, particularly those integrating Christian values, ethics, and development.

Views and opinions expressed in the International Forum represent those of the

authors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the editors or

the Graduate School.