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Joyce Mondejar-Dy 

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The Nature of Management Dilemmas
Used as Academic Projects in Higher Education 
Abstract:   This  study  investigated  the  management dilemmas of 53 business executives, the resolution of which were critical to the sustainable growth of their companies. These dilemmas provided internship project opportunities for graduate management students. Career planning and business mentoring strategies were integrated in the conceptualization, implementation, and completion of all internship projects. The study involved a total of 76 business academe partnership (BAP) projects from school years 2002 to 2005. Completed projects were grouped into four clusters. These were: (1) expansion (38 projects), (2) streamlining operations and leveraging core capabilities (22 projects), (3) employee commitment and productivity enhancement (11 projects) and (4) capital infusion for new businesses (7 projects). Student interns, assisted by seasoned business coaches, completed their projects within six months. Steps in the development of internship projects based on management dilemmas are also described in the paper.


Joyce Mondejar-Dy, PhD, RGC