Julian Melgosa


Graduate Studies in the Philippines: Past and Future  
Andrew Gonzalez

System-Process Framework for Human Resource
Strategies for Graduate Schools 

Joyce Mondejar Dy

Postmodern Religious Educational Philosophy:
An Oxymoron?    

John Wesley Taylor V

Positive Supervision and the Quest for Excellence 
James A. O'Donnell

Awakening Genius in the Classroom
T. Armstrong
Reviewed by Veronica Birkenstock

Public Health at the Crossroads
R. Beaglehorn and R. Bonita
Reviewed by Ina Longway

The Euro
P. Temperton
Reviewed by Eric Y. Nasution


Positive Supervision and the Quest for Excellence

I like to think of teaching as a performing art.

Those who work in the performing arts like to have an audience. Actors and actresses say that contact with their fans is what turns them on. Athletes beg their parents, relatives and friends to come and see them play. Singers, dancers and entertainers _ all cater to the sound of applause, applause, applause.

But teachers? Except for a few who are often considered exhibitionists by their colleagues, teachers what to perform in the privacy of their classroom without any outsiders present. Then, at the end of the year (or at the end of their career) they say "no one really appreciated me." How sad!  


James A. O'Donnell

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