Volume 16 Number 1 

Globalization, Ethics, and Higher Education
Shawna Vyhmeister


Economic Wealth and Education: A Global Comparison
Shawna Vyhmeister and Ronald Vyhmeister
Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls: A Cross-Case Study
of the Global Financial Crisis and
the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Carlos Biaggi

Implementation of the Anti-Human Trafficking Law
in Cebu City, Philippines

Ferdinand T. Abocejo & Fernando K. Gubalane

Instructional Design Foundations
of Online Education

Safary Wa-Mbaleka

A SWOT Analysis of Globalization in
Adventist Higher Education

Pablo J. Rios 

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International Forum 
Vol. 16, No. 1
April 2013

Instructional Design Foundations of Online Education

Abstract. It is becoming a common practice today for educational
leaders to check job applicants’ experience with online teaching as
they consider names for a new faculty position. Conversely, less
attention is placed on what type of online teaching training these job
applicants received. Rarely are job applicants asked to present a
demonstration of at least one online course that they have designed
or taught. This deficit is probably due to the fact that there are not yet
any fundamental principles to define what online education is and the
principles that should guide its implementation. This paper
introduces fundamental principles for online instruction. It
synthesizes some important considerations to take into account in
planning and implementing online education programs in Christian

Keywords: instructional design, instructional delivery, online education, facilitator


Safary Wa-Mbaleka, EdD, PhD
Education Department
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang Cavite, Philippines



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