Volume 20 Number 1 

Safary Wa-Mbaleka


The Shifting Future of Qualitative Research
John Wesley Taylor V
Deconstructing Myths in Qualitative Research
John Wesley Taylor V 

Sentiment Analysis of the Conflict of Ages Series 
Darrin Thomas

Precursors and Outcomes of Place Branding:
A Conceptual Framework 

Innocent Sigauke

Fostering Quality in Qualitative Research:
A List of Practical Strategies 

Safary Wa-Mbaleka


International Forum 
Vol. 20, No. 1
April 2017
Print ISSN : 0119-2000
Online ISSN : 2350-7497

     More and more qualitative research is conducted today around the world. Both the excitement and the challenges continue to rise about the integration of qualitative research in educational research. The excitement comes from the idea of the research innovation as more and more institutions embrace qualitative research. Challenges come from many different aspects including, but not limited to, what qualitative research is all about, how to conduct a qualitative research study, how to make sure a qualitative research study is trustworthy, and what the different designs are.

     While qualitative research is on the right course to be integrated in educational research practices around the world, and even though many people are still at the beginning of this journey, there are already a number of new emerging trends. In the first article of this issue, John Wesley Taylor V presents the precursors of the future of qualitative research. In this article, he discusses the new trends of mixing quantitative and qualitative research, new qualitative research infrastructures, the relationship between the digital era and qualitative research, some new philosophical directions of qualitative research, and the role of big data in qualitative research.

     In the second article, the same author discusses old myths on qualitative research from a fresh perspective. He also effectively gives an inside perspective of myths within qualitative research. In the past, myths have mainly been discussed from quantitative research perspectives. In this article, the author takes a unique perspective, presenting and debunking myths within qualitative research.

     Darrin Thomas’s article is a unique one too. He used a technique that is not commonly used in this journal; that is, text mining. Given that Adventists rely heavily on the writings of Ellen G. White for their lifestyle, their philosophy, and their worldview, they need literature that is easy to understand for most of them. The author takes a text mining analysis of the Great Controversy Series and presents some interesting findings that may lead Adventists to consider improving the way the English language is used in these books.

     Innocent Sigauke’s article is in the field of business and it addresses a topic less discussed in this journal. He effectively presents a conceptual framework of precursors and outcomes of place branding. Before presenting his conceptual framework, he makes use of a strong scholarly argumentation to build the seven propositions that form the basis of his framework.

     The last article returns to qualitative research. In this article, Safary Wa-Mbaleka presents a list of 35 criteria to foster quality in qualitative research manuscripts. This article is meant to help novice qualitative researchers as well as qualitative research reviewers to evaluate well the quality of manuscripts. It is one of its kind, as most of the criteria for quality in qualitative research are usually discussed in general terms; not in such a specific and practical way.

     The current issue is an interesting bundle of articles that are relevant to the needs of educational research today. In a special way, the majority of these articles give us a fresh look at qualitative research.  This selection is quite important in the years to come as scholars around the world continue to seek deeper and deeper understanding of qualitative research.



Safary Wa-Mbaleka, EdD, PhD
Editor, International Forum

Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang, Cavite, Philippines