Volume 20 Number 1 

Safary Wa-Mbaleka


The Shifting Future of Qualitative Research
John Wesley Taylor V
Deconstructing Myths in Qualitative Research
John Wesley Taylor V 

Sentiment Analysis of the Conflict of Ages Series 
Darrin Thomas

Precursors and Outcomes of Place Branding:
A Conceptual Framework 

Innocent Sigauke

Fostering Quality in Qualitative Research:
A List of Practical Strategies 

Safary Wa-Mbaleka


International Forum 
Vol. 20, No. 1
April 2017
Print ISSN : 0119-2000
Online ISSN : 2350-7497

Precursors and Outcomes of Place Branding:
A Conceptual Framework

Abstract. This paper seeks to develop a conceptual framework on place branding based on the variables reflected in the reviewed literature. A conceptual approach was used in this paper to provide an analytical conceptualization of place branding to guide future empirical studies. The paper discussed the precursors of place branding along with economic development as the outcome variable of place branding. Place branding is said to be distinct from product branding which relies on brand elements. The conceptual framework presented suggested that successful place branding has precursors as well as an outcome. The major precursors for place branding were identified as people, including politicians and residents; the place’s identity and heritage; spatial identity; as well as ambassador networks. Economic development was suggested as the outcome of successful place branding. The paper contributes to the understanding of the relatively new concept of place branding.

Keywords: Place branding; place marketing; nation branding; branding of cities, regions, and counties; public diplomacy





Innocent Sigauke, PhD Candidate
Business Department
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang, Cavite, Philippiness
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