Henry L. Foster


The Integration of Values and Learning:
An Application to Accounting

Henry L. Foster

Leadership Style, School Climate, and the Institutional Commitment of Teachers
Masih Charan John & John Wesley Taylor V

Spiritual Experience and the Organizational
Commitment of College Faculty

Frederick R. Oberholster & John Wesley Taylor V

The Bible Code
M. Drosnin
Reviewed by Zdravko Stefanovic

The Servant
J. C. Hunter
Reviewed by Julian Melgosa

Asia Under Siege: How the Asian Miracle Went Wrong
Ranjit Gill
Reviewed by Eric Y. Nasution


      Aloha is the equivalent of "hello" in the Hawaiian language. And so we wish you greetings! This is only the second installment of INFO but we are confident there will be many more alohas in the future.

      INFO was born just six months ago, and like any infant, the pangs of delivery were soon forgotten amidst the joy of a new birth. But soon reality set in because this little one required lots of attention to meet its ever present needs. In more ways than one, the staff of INFO is also like a newborn--our feet are still unsteady and our vision a little hazy. But we are growing, maturing, and learning.

       Even though this issue does not have an overall theme, all three of the featured articles focus on the teacher to some degree. One article deals with the integration of values and learning and the other two are interested in the organizational commitment of teachers.

      The article by Foster, The Integration of Values and Leaning: An Application to Accounting, focuses on what a committed Christian accounting teacher is and does to present a meaningful scholarly lesson that integrates biblical values within the course content. Leadership Style, School Climate, and the Institutional Commitment of Teachers by John and Taylor, explores the relationship among the three variables mentioned in the title. Their study involved over 200 teachers employed in Seventh-day Adventist secondary schools in the Philippines. In the second article that deals with commitment, Taylor teams up this time with Oberholster to present Spiritual Experience and the Organizational Commitment of College Faculty. Again, the research is conducted in Seventh-day Adventist educational institutions in the Philippines.

      This editorial began with aloha and also ends with it. Aloha is a versatile word, for it is both a greeting and a farewell. It is the latter meaning of the word that I now refer to because this issue represents my last. Partings seem always to carry a measure of ambivalence_the excitement and joy of a new environment but the sadness of leaving old friends. Being editor of INFO has proven to be intellectually stimulating, challenging, and enjoyable all at the same time. But as I take up my new responsibilities at Mission College-Muak Lek Campus in Thailand, I wish the editorial staff and the readership of INFO God's blessings. Aloha.


Henry L. Foster, PhD
Editor, Info Journal
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang, Cavite , Philippines