Values and Ethics   
Vyhmeister, Shawna


Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Values: Revealing the Invisible   
Gaikwad, Prema

Transfer of Learning: Where Have We Failed? 
Krishnan, Edward Roy

The Integration of Values and Business (IVB) in SDA Organizations in the Metro Manila Area: An Observation    
Nasution, Eric Y

Experiences with Service-Learning as Perceived by
Students, Faculty, and Community Partners Involved
with the Master of Public Health Program at the
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies 

Rondonuwu, Joppi & Milton Alberto Mesa

Information Technology and Value Creation  
Vyhmeister, Ronald

Alternative Medicine: A Christian Handbook
Mathuna and Walt, Larimore
Reviewed by Evelyn V. Almocera

Creative Curriculum Leadership: Inspiring and
Empowering Your School Community

Brubaker, Dale L
Reviewed by Bienvisa L. Nebres

Conducting a Successful Fundraising Program
Dove, Kent E
Reviewed by Moldy R. Mambu 


Values and Ethics 

    In  the business world  today,  scandals  involving unethical behavior have become almost commonplace.  Even in churches and schools, traditional bastions of honesty and uprightness, more and more cases of unethical, immoral, and illegal behavior are being uncovered.  The world is experiencing a crisis of morality which affects every discipline, and every individual.  Unfortunately, the ones most affected by unethical behavior are often the innocent bystanders, rather than the perpetrators of the incident. 

    It is time to ask ourselves seriously what we value, and how we can inculcate those values in our students, in our society, and in our own behavior.  The articles in this issue of the International Forum discuss both values and value creation in a variety of disciplines. Rondonuwu and Mesa analyze a service-learning program within a Master’s in Public Health degree.  What are the students really learning?  Are they really helping the community?  Are they learning what the professors had in mind?  Does this program contribute to the development of values in graduate health students?  Vyhmeister discusses values in information technology (IT).  What values are brought by adding technology to an organization?  Who benefits?  Who loses?  What options do we have?  Does IT really create value? 

    Gaikwad, Krishnan, and Eckstrom all look at values within the field of Education.  How can those values be transmitted to others?  Gaikwad’s article focuses on how values are formed through what kind of place school is, through the formal curriculum, and through the way it is taught.  Expert teachers integrate values into the content they teach, rather than seeing content as separate from values.  Eckstrom’s article focuses specifically on the results of values education in college.  Does it really make a difference?  What sort of difference?  Do students understand and internalize the idea of love when they see it and are taught to understand it in class? Is this difference long-lasting, or short-term?  Krishnan explores the concept of transfer of learning:  the difference between what we teach, and what the students are able to do with it.  Not all skills transfer, and most don’t transfer nearly as well as we would like.  Telling our students what to do and their being able to do it just because we said so are two different things.  We need to reconsider the ways we teach, and in particular, the ways in which we teach values, to increase the transfer of the skills.  Even if students can act morally within the classroom, how can we ensure that they will want to act morally and ethically when they are with their friends after school? 

     Values questions strike at the core of who we are.  They are not concerns that can be answered easily, nor are they easily researched.  This issue of the International Forum seeks merely to open doors and begin conversations.  It is our sincere hope that these conversations will continue in your workplace, and in your personal dealings with others.  For if we do not each do our part to make the world a better place, then who will do it?


Shawna Vyhmeister, PhD
Editor, Info Journal
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Silang, Cavite , Philippines