Vyhmeister, Shawna


The Challenge of Spirituality Assessment 
Guptill, Stephen

Measuring Spirituality: Toward Developing an Instrument for Use in Adventist Schools
Vyhmeister, Shawna

Spiritual Leadership Formation in Adventist Seminaries in the Southern Asia Pacific Division  
Casimiro, Leni and Ng, G.T.

The Role of Christian Parents in Influencing
Children: Perspectives on Faith Integration 

Luntungan, Raimond

The Relationship Between Student Religiosity, Integration of faith and Learning and Selected Congregational and Family Factors 
Biscaro, Ricardo

Family Life , Religion and Religious Practice in an Asian Adventist Context  
Perry, Graeme

Women, Religion and Spirituality in Asia
John-Mananzan, M.
Reviewed by Glenys Perry

Valuegenesis Ten Years Later: A Study of Two Generations
Warner-Schate,K. , Krause, N. & Booth, A.
Reviewed by Donald Odondi

Parenting by the Spirit
Hohnberger, S
Reviewed by Ira Farley  

PGreat Commission Companies: The Emerging Role
of Business in Missions

Rundle, S. & Steffen, T.
Reviewed by Ronald Vyhmeister


The Challenge of Spirituality Assessment

Abstract: The spiritual life of the Adventist school is important to the church. It is of vital concern to the board, administrator, faculty and staff.  Spirituality is rooted in the Adventist philosophy of education as an essential element of what schools should be and do.  Initially, this concern was simply addressed by separate Bible classes; however, more recent concepts of integration of faith and learning have clarified the necessity of its pervasiveness throughout the curriculum. 

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Guptill, Stephen


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